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Open to the Future of Health

In a Connected Community of Health, providers coordinate care across settings: from physicians' offices to hospitals to post-acute settings and beyond. Allscripts is Open to innovating and collaborating with industry partners and providers because Open is not only our platform...it's who we are. Learn more about Why Open Matters.


With our bold vision, there are many reasons to choose Allscripts as your technology partner. Here are the top 10.

Allscripts is dedicated to providing the best possible client experience. We support 180,000 physicians in 50,000 practices, 2,500 hospitals including 100% of US News & World Report’s “Honor Roll” hospitals and 10,000 post-acute care organizations. The scale of our client base enables us to connect providers and patients wherever care is delivered – in the hospital, in the clinic, in post-acute care facilities, or in the patient’s own home.

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Our unmatched, integrated offering for hospitals, physician practices and post-acute care organizations is powered by advanced technologies like Microsoft.NET and a unique ‘open architecture’ that simplifies the connection to third-party applications across every care setting. We invest more than $100 million every year in research to develop innovative and easy-to-use solutions that help you practice medicine the way you want – less waste, better outcomes.

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With the highest utilization rates in the industry, our solutions yield outcomes including increased revenue, improved efficiency and higher quality patient care. More important still, our open architecture delivers a single patient record across all care settings and every vendor platform. One record for every patient enables physicians, hospitals and other community healthcare providers to connect and collaborate for a team approach to patient care, no matter where they work or what system they use.

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Allscripts delivers a complete portfolio of solutions that covers the entire continuum of care. No matter where you work or which vendor platform you currently use, Allscripts has a clinical, financial or business-performance solution that will exceed your needs and enable a connected community of health.

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Nearly one-third of practicing U.S. physicians and more than 1.5 million hospital clinicians use an Allscripts product. This vast, collaborative community of peers forms a giant feedback loop, informing our development of solutions, increasing best practices and enriching your organization with collective intelligence. As an Allscripts client, you will have access to online communities, regional user groups, and national user meetings to enhance the opportunity you have to make invaluable connections.

The experts at Allscripts have implemented technology solutions across the country for more than 20 years. With all that knowledge, we not only know how to build and manage successful project teams at all types of care settings, but we’re using our experience to build pre-configured solutions like our READY accelerated implementation for ambulatory EHRs based on proven implementation processes and our “speed to value” process for Acute Care.

As the importance of certification has evolved along with the government’s definition of Meaningful Use, Allscripts has guaranteed that our solutions will meet the new certification standards. Our solutions have a long history of being CCHIT certified, and Allscripts plans to offer products with unparalleled ability to exceed ARRA certification requirements.

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Government mandates and quality reporting requirements are evolving rapidly, meaning that you’re being asked to do more compliance work than ever before. Allscripts is committed to making sure our solutions meet all of these increasingly complex quality reporting requirements, so that you are equipped with the tools you need to be successful in today’s healthcare environment.

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Because healthcare information technology is a long-term investment for your organization, you need to select a company that will always be there when you need them. Our clients, large and small, often remark that their experience with Allscripts is more like a partnership than the standard vendor-client relationship. We’re proud of that and place client focus at the forefront of our values.


Allscripts mission is to be the most trusted provider of innovative solutions that empower all stakeholders across the healthcare continuum to deliver world-class outcomes. You can trust that Allscripts not only is financially stable and positioned for the future, but that our core values will drive us to lead the way. No other company is better positioned to deliver the future of healthcare – and that means connected communities of health providing shared access to patient information across every setting.

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