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Allscripts Homecare Overview

We recognize that home care organizations are facing increasingly more complex challenges.

To meet these challenges, you need to automate your business with a home care software system that can quickly and easily: perform scheduling, administrative, and clinical tasks—be configured to fit your policies and procedures—and rapidly scale up to meet growing demand or handle new lines of business. All while being intuitive to learn and incredibly easy to use.

Allscripts Homecare is an industry leading home care system designed to improve clinical quality of care, financial performance, and operational control for large, integrated home care organizations and small home care companies. Business, clinical, and scheduling functionality for multiple lines of business—home health, hospice, and private duty are combined seamlessly in one integrated home care software system.

Community Interoperability

Allscripts Homecare is a leader in enabling true interoperability. It can exchange real-time data with state HIEs, such as Brooklyn Health Information Exchange (BHIX) in New York, and meets health information exchange industry standards.

Major benefits of this home care system include:

  • Fiscally manage your home care organization under rigid reimbursement structures
  • Handle complex home care scheduling requirements
  • Provide clinicians with access to the most current clinical information and data at the point of care
  • Balance the desire to provide quality treatment with financial and administrative pressures
  • Reduce operating costs while maximizing reimbursements

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