Patient Kiosk

Patient Kiosk

In today's world of declining reimbursements and increasing costs, healthcare organizations are looking for new ways to run their practices more efficiently. Simultaneously patients are becoming true consumers – more demanding, more informed and more likely to "shop around" for quality care and a superior service experience.

To stay competitive, an organization must balance superior patient service with operational efficiencies.  And one way to do this is through self service.

Allscripts brings this self-service innovation to providers' offices with the Allscripts Patient Kiosk. The Patient Kiosk is a freestanding, interactive system that streamlines the entire patient registration process from check in to payment.

The Allscripts Patient Kiosk offers patients all the standard self service conveniences they are accustomed to right in their provider's office. Not only does the patient have the ability to check in for an appointment, but they can also update their information – home address, marital status, insurance information, etc. And, best of all, they can provide and process their pay­ment immediately.

Patients Benefit from:

  • Large button, touch screen navigation
  • On screen keyboard
  • PalmSecure identification
  • Patient summary screen
  • Credit card magnetic card swipe
  • Pre-populated Last name/First name/Date of Birth
  • Multi-language support

Organizations Benefit from:

  • Wireless integration
  • Allscripts Enterprise Practice Management and EHR integration
  • Configurability to support a single location and one or more departments within the location
  • Configurability of questions sets to be linked to a specific department and appointment type
  • Ability to monitor all kiosk devices at the current location and see the status of each

How do I get Allscripts Patient Kiosk?

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