Performance Management™

Sunrise Clinical ManagerToday's healthcare organizations face a double bind: Improve the quality of patient care while maintaining — and increasing — profitability. It would be a thorny task in a stable environment. In this constantly changing environment, it is a formidable one. And it is complicated further by the limitations of traditional information systems.

Good decisions demand perspective — a clear, comprehensive view of actual performance. Such perspective demands up-to-the-minute, multi-faceted financial, clinical and operational information for the informed analysis and planning necessary for continuous performance improvement. This information is the cornerstone of Sunrise Performance Management system.

We offer industry-leading solutions that focus on three critical areas for healthcare performance management: financial decision support, hospital patient flow and throughput and  clinical analytics. These solutions bring together integrated data from across the enterprise to analyze dependencies, trends and patterns, bottlenecks and areas of concern from a high level and down to the individual patient or clinician.

Our Performance Management systems help hospitals:

  • Automate laborious data-gathering by pulling data from an enterprise's many different systems into a single place for streamlined planning, forecasting, modeling, throughput and productivity management.
  • Take real-time control with a high-level view of a hospital's current and future situation. Managers gain insight into a bottleneck in hospital patient flow or a physician's actions that have negative impact on finances or care quality, and can make corrections immediately for continuous improvement.
  • Make informed decisions based on historical data and patterns to identify new revenue opportunities, better manage costs, and allocate resources according to real needs.
  • Generate robust reports with customizable views and templates, showing data from high-level summaries to detailed breakouts of data to advance hospital business intelligence.

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