Medication Management

Sunrise Clinical ManagerWith so many different people, departments and complex details involved in a hospital’s medication process, errors can happen all too often. By one report, errors occur in one of every five doses administered in a U.S. hospital. The Institute of Medicine estimates that medication errors injure 1.5 million people and cost $3.5 billion each year.

We offer a true closed-loop medication management system by seamlessly integrating every aspect of giving and receiving a medication safely across the care continuum.

The benefits of real integration

Sunrise Medication Management prevents points of failure and accelerates time to treatment by integrating every aspect of medication safety on a single platform and shared database. Our integrated medication management solutions capture real-time changes and input from caregivers, connecting pharmacists with the rest of the clinical team for coordinated care.

Everybody involved in the process — from the doctor who orders the medication, to the pharmacist that verifies and dispenses, to the nurse who administers the medications — works from the same information in the unified electronic medication administration record (eMAR). The system then “loops” results automatically back to the ordering physicians so they can continuously adjust and improve medication therapy to achieve the best possible patient care outcomes.

Reducing the number of steps in the medication administration process and substantially increasing communication and accuracy, true integration maximizes medication safety and elevates a hospital to Stage 5 status in the HIMSS EMR Adoption Model.

Our medication management solutions integrate the medication process from end-to-end, including:

  • Computer physician order entry (CPOE) solutions using the mostly highly adopted CPOE system in the industry.
  • eMAR that enables physicians, pharmacists and nurses to view all currently ordered medications and review a patient’s medication administration history for improved communication and safety.
  • ePrescribing using Prescription Writer to accurately and securely transmit prescriptions to outpatient and retail pharmacies.
  • Integrated pharmacy operations with Sunrise Pharmacy™, a full-featured pharmacy information system.
  • Secure bar code medication administration with Knowledge-Based Medication Administration, featuring built-in patient safety features and sophisticated clinical decision support.

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