Sunrise Patient Portal

Sunrise Patient Portal

Sunrise Patient Portal™ empowers patients with information and self-service functionality to connect to their providers’ and healthcare organizations’ enterprise health information systems. Patients are able to synch their inpatient record with their personal health record and better manage their own health information.

The secure, patient Web-portal lets patients log in to access and update their health information, view their scheduled appointments, update registration information, see billing statements, access medications, immunization records, wellness schedules and read physician-annotated lab results. The portal interface mirrors an organization’s existing brand. The healthcare organization is also able to create and send custom forms or questionnaires to patients, who can then submit their responses online and have them seamlessly integrate into Sunrise Clinical Manager. 

Robust, shared health information

Sunrise Patient Portal integrates with HealthVault™, the Microsoft® consumer health platform.

With HealthVault, patients can store all aspects of their health information through the Sunrise Patient Portal interface, and can choose to share their information with providers so that healthcare organizations have a more complete pictures of a patient’s condition and overall health. Patients can upload data from Web-enabled devices such as glucometers, providing updates to physicians and nurses so they can be proactively involved in helping patients manage chronic conditions.

The connectivity and interoperability provided by Sunrise Patient Portal further allows healthcare organizations to coordinate care more widely for improved patient care outcomes. When a patient approves the sharing of certain information, physicians can send online health record information to unaffiliated clinicians, promoting a more collaborative approach to treating a patient.

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