Sunrise Clinician Portal

Connecting physicians wherever they are.

Sunrise Clinician Portal

Driving anytime, anywhere, enhanced communication and more coordinated care, Sunrise Clinician Portal™ provides a feature-rich, user-friendly Web-portal that gives physicians real-time access to inpatient electronic health record (EHR) software and other information from anywhere using the Web.

The secure portal allows physicians to reduce the hours spent in the hospital or office while continuing to provide effective and informed care for their patients. Featuring access to patient charts, lab results, clinical activities, the patient's personal health record and computerized physician order entry (CPOE) solutions remotely, the Web-portal helps physicians improve their on-call performance and drives physician adoption and satisfaction.  The Clinician Portal is the optimal tool for reference physicians and consultants to track their patients, and for hospitals and health systems to help strengthen connections with community physicians.

Connecting physicians wherever they are

Sunrise Clinician Portal is fully integrated with Sunrise Clinical Manager™, Sunrise Acute Care™, Sunrise Ambulatory Care™, Sunrise Access Manager™, Sunrise Enterprise Registration™ and Sunrise Patient Financials™. It gives clinicians access to robust patient and operational information — including registration, demographics and clinical data.

With a secure login, physicians can additionally access Sunrise Secure Health Messaging™, which permits secure, efficient communications between clinicians, patients and reference physicians who may not be able to view the EHR. Clinicians can also access a messaging inbox for remote online messaging between hospital clinicians and staff.

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